The Encompass difference is a result of our process, our people and our metrics-driven results. We have the people, processes and metrics in place to analyze, prioritize and strategize in making the smartest technology decisions for your business.


Business Focus: Encompass will identify your current technology issues and opportunities and institute a plan to address the risks and maximize the opportunities.

Detailed Onboarding Process to avoid Business Impact: We allocate our resources up front so you don’t have to allocate yours. Our “Simple to Switch” proven onboarding process makes it easy and efficient to switch MSP providers – a smart technology move.

Benchmark and Measure your Technology Process against industry best practices We benchmark your technology against industry standards and Encompass Process. Our approach to continual standards alignment helps to identify risks and pitfalls that may adversely affect your business. With our proprietary benchmarking process, we have years of data for comparison.

Create Technology Strategy and Roadmap for Your Business We create a multi-year plan that aligns with your business planning cycle and supports your business and technology initiatives. The detailed roadmap is derived from the hard data gathered from our fully vetted benchmarking process.

On-going benchmarking and metrics: We drive down noise that negatively impacts your business through a unique process to identify the patterns and chronic issues and solve them at the root cause. Our business model is based on a proven process with defined metrics that deliver measurable results. Our recommendations are based on facts from the benchmarking score cards, not gut reactions.



We only hire the best top-tier individuals who pass a rigorous evaluation and onboarding training. With the caliber of the people we hire, we’re able to solve problems faster, more efficiently and provide a higher level of service to every customer. Our commitment to learn and educate ensures that our people have propitiate training for their professional growth and to deliver expected business results.