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The dynamics of competition in the global marketplace and sweeping changes in IT, are causing organizations to rethink how to utilize IT staff and resources more strategically. Co-Managed Services allow an organization to think and operate more strategically by optimizing the effort to support network and system infrastructure to the precise needs of an organization.

Encompass Co-Managed Services intended to augment your existing staff and assume the IT responsibilities that your organization may not have the time or expertise to perform. Encompass Co-Managed solution alleviates stress, dramatically reduces downtime, and will allow you to operate more efficiently and strategically.

In almost all cases, Encompass Co-Managed Services have a compelling return on investment (ROI). Co-Managed Services save organizations money by maintaining lower staff levels, strengthening IT security, improving operational efficiencies and avoiding risks with respect to errors in technology selection and direction.


  • Increased productivity
  • Better culture and employee morale
  • Functionality that helps your business
  • Reduced overall risk
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Be more competitive using technology
  • Operate at the lowest possible cost
  • More productive employees mean better margins
  • Better work/life balance for all
  • Most importantly, peace of mind

A push to drive down operating costs is a common theme today. There is an emphasis in IT to do more with less, driving productivity with fewer employees. This often leads to under staffing or a lack of specific resources to accomplish given tasks. A direct result can be missed project deadlines, low morale, and/or a decline in overall quality of customer service from your IT department.  

People, Process and Technology

People – Gain access to expertise and scale, while moving to a more “customer-centric” approach supporting your end-users. After all, how many internal IT departments enjoy supporting their end-users? A virtual IT department also provides advanced network and security expertise, on demand.

Process – Why re-invent the wheel, when you can leverage industry best practices and world class processes from accredited professionals for quality service, efficiency, information security and regulatory compliance.

Technology – As time passes by, technology advancement and innovations are key to technology products. IT managers usually find experience and exposure to technology planning, testing, deployment to much more efficient with co-managed teams rather than investing time and efforts to finding out within their departments. IT security management is dynamic service delivery area changing very frequently, leveraging Co-manage teams with process approach will deliver much higher return on your investment.