"The Cloud” represents a suite of web-based products, tools and services. To maximize the benefits of these cloud products and services, you will need a cloud strategy that is clearly focused and aligned with your business.

We work with our clients to assess, design, implement and support cloud computing while reducing IT capital costs and increasing employee productivity. We assess the business value and business impact before presenting our customized cloud strategy. As part of our cloud assessment, we will make sound recommendations on public, private or hybrid cloud environments that are the best fit for your business.

At Encompass, we provide our customers with a dedicated design desk team as part of our managed services program, comprised of hardware and software specialists with skills in understanding how to navigate and leverage vendor programs to ensure all aspects of the equation: interoperability, compliance, security and scalability.

Cloud Transformation Assessment: We help define business and technology requirements before we recommend a cloud strategy. We will work with business and technology leaders to help compare costs over time and determine what role cloud computing plays in your business plans.

Dedicated Private Cloud: Secure, dedicated environment to ensure that we maximize performance, security and functionality for your business applications and employees. 

Hybrid Cloud: Dedicated cloud computing resources on Office 365 and Azure Stack with an extension to on premise resources for maximum performance, control, security and functionality. For businesses that require maximum control and scalability at your location(s) and in the cloud. 

Public Cloud: Enterprise public cloud solutions that are cost-effective, decrease deployment times and increase employee productivity. 

SaaS: Encompass helps organizations identify and select line of business applications that run in the cloud. Integration of software platforms into your current premise or cloud technology stack. 

Hosted VoIP/Unified Communications: We advocate on our clients’ behalf to identify and select the best telecommunications solution and providers in the business. We partner with a short list of experts who understand telecom expense management, unified communications and call center technology. 

DataLink Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery as a Service: Local and offsite backup solutions designed to meet business recovery time objectives. We take a holistic approach to design a backup and disaster recovery solution to meet business requirements.