Tom Beakbane, Consilience : A New Way to See the World.

Posted by Gurmeet Judge on Feb 21, 2021 8:11:42 AM

Tom Beakbane is President at Beakbane Brand Strategies and Communication and also an author of a new book, "How to Understand Everything". Consilience : A New Way to See the World.

 Consilience is a new paradigm that reveals how things self-organize from the bottom up – in contrast to how we think and communicate, which is from the top down. 


Here’s some of the items discussed in this video:

  • How this book can help business leaders
  • Decision Process : Why it's critical to understand how brian works
  • Understanding Communication, People and Organizations
  • Advancements in Marketing, Technology, Science and Brian Functions
  • ...many more...

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