Blind Potential - How to Clearly See Your Best Possible Self: Tom Goodlet

Posted by Gurmeet Judge on Jan 6, 2023 7:24:08 AM

The pandemic underscores the urgency for a more dynamic talent and work model. Human-resources leaders can help by focusing on identity, agility, and scalability. You will need strategy to equip your leaders so they can retain the talent of great employees and improve the profit of your organization.

I had the honor of interviewing Tom Goodlet, owner of Two Penny Consulting and Two Penny Publishing. He is an international speaker, pastor, consultant, and best-selling author of 4 books: Blind Potential, MentorU, ReFocus and MentorUS. He is also host of “Potentialist Podcast

Tom shared insights on current challenges for business leaders and opportunities ahead. He also outlined workplace challenges and how to understand how technology impacts stress and brain health. He also describes how to train leaders to help others at the workplace to improve retention and productivity.


This is what you will take away from this episode:

  • Impact of leadership training on organization performance
  • Talent development, acquisition, retention process
  • Impact on performance, productivity, and scalability
  • .... many more...
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