Intelligent Management to thrive for today's complexity: Dr. Domenico Lepore

Posted by Gurmeet Judge on Dec 2, 2022 9:39:17 AM

Over the last decade, leaders have had to deal with one disruptive challenge after another. The accelerating rate of digitalization and technological advancement has increased complexity in every industry. If you find yourself overwhelmed by a complex task or unable to prioritize many tasks, it can help to develop perspective. A new perspective allows you to gain clarity and be a more effective leader at work. 

I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Domenico Lepore, founder of Intelligent Management Inc. He is an international expert and innovator in the field of systems-based management. He is also an author of several books; his recent publication is “Moving the Chains”: An operational solution for embracing complexity in the Digital age


Dr. Domenico shared insights on why old business models and leadership approach will not work to deal with current complexities of economic challenges. He also describes how processes and strategies developed many years ago will not help organizations to achieve their current and future objectives. He outlined an effective management methodology; he has developed an innovative approach to organizational design based on network theory called the Network of Projects.

This is what you will take away from this episode:

  • Need for new perspective do deal with current complex challenges
  • Impact of effective management methodology on operational performance
  • Process of innovation to deal with current organization and leadership challenges
  • Impact of collaboration on current economic challenges
  • .... many more...
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