How to run your family, life, and business like a Sicilian: Steph Palermo

Posted by Gurmeet Judge on Mar 3, 2023 9:16:34 AM

Why is leading organizations so tough these days? Business leaders worldwide juggle internal and external challenges like pressure, communication, and culture. It's like performing a juggling act, but instead of balls, it's the hopes and dreams of your team that are on the line. To keep everyone motivated, focus on the value of their work and connect it to the bigger picture. However, leaders must take care of their own physical and mental health before helping others.

I had the honor of interviewing Steph Palermo. She is a keynote speaker, consultant, and corporate trainer. She is also an author of “The Only Way is Up! Just Steph's Perspective on Life” and “It's Not Personal, Sonny. It's Business: How to run your family, life and business like a Sicilian”. Steph is an intuitive soul guide and radio talk show host at 95.9 FM WATD working out of Boston and Sicily. 


Steph shared insights on how business leaders are dealing with workplace challenges and changes they are making in both approach to business and family schedules. She also shared the impact of focus time on creative work vs transactional work.

Here’s some of the topics discussed in this video:

  • Business approaches from different culture
  • Impact on business performance, productivity, and scalability
  • Future of work, workplace communication, virtual communication
  • .... many more...
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