Impact of Corporate Health and Wellness Programs – Shira Litwack

Posted by Gurmeet Judge on Oct 18, 2021 8:59:22 AM

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up nearly every consumer category, influencing new consumer behaviors, stifling entire industries, and inspiring growth in others. Staff health and well-being impacts employee behavior including engagement, productivity, and loyalty. And similar to customer experience, companies must now also prioritize the employee experience including their health.

I had a discussion with Shira Litwack, contributing author of "The Successful Body" and corporate trainer on Health and Wellness. She shared her research on "Chronic Inflammation" being one unifying link between all diseases, mental and physical is the presence of chronic inflammation. She also shared insights on how to monitor critical health factors and steps for prevention.

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Here’s some of the topics discussed in this video:

  • Health and wellness programs impact on staff health
  • Chronic Inflammation and relations to COVID
  • Focus on wellness and steps to avoid illness
  • ....many more...

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