3 Training Opportunities to invest your time during COVID

Posted by Gurmeet Judge on Sep 21, 2020 4:55:22 AM

Globally, companies shifted from face-to-face professional interactions to remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Business leaders understand this was necessary for the well-being of their employees, as well as to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. But as many are discovering, having a virtual team is very different from working face-to-face—and requires a new set of leadership skills

  • How will COVID-19 impact onboarding new employees and retraining current team while working remotely, and how should organizations adapt their onboarding process during this time.
  • Considering technology expenses are small cost compare to other business expenses, before COVID many business leaders were not concerned with technology cost. However, post COVID, controlling technology soft cost for lean operations is top of their list.

As many businesses are still in process of getting back to fully operational. Most business leaders are struggling to find how they can make best use of time and resources available? While staff is working remotely - how they can make best use of their payroll hours. 

As businesses are reopening in safe and secure environments and pushing to production increase, onboarding new employees and retraining current employees while working remotely are major obstacles for revenue growth.


Here’s top 3 training opportunities during current slow time to gain competitive advantage and prepare your business:


Standard Training – Delivery, Management: Training for all off-the-shelf products, software and solutions is usually consider standard training. These trainings are usually available from product or solution providers such as Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce etc. However, delivering training to their teams, training management, monitoring, encouraging staff to take on training etc all falls on leadership role. Business leaders can maximize current slow time to retrain their teams, so their staff is ready with all required skill sets when productions are back to as expected.


Custom Training - Development: In modern business environment, many organizations have custom solutions, especially business line of applications i.e ERP System, CRM etc. Training for these custom systems or integration of these systems is usually not available, however organizations still required to train their staff during onboarding and as ongoing basis. During slow period, it is great opportunity for business leaders to develop training for any custom system/solutions. These trainings will provide significant benefits on both productivity increase and reducing soft cost when business operations are back to high production levels.


Process Training - Development: Beside all the systems both standard and custom, every organization have their unique business process for their operations. And considering constant change in roles, process, people etc, it is always struggle for organizations to have up to date documentation on process and build training around their business process. While organization are waiting to get back to their normal production levels, it’s opportunity to invest time and resources to document and build training around their business process.


All successful organizations, in every industry category have all of above training and documentation part of their onboarding new staff and retraining. These trainings are key to their success and provides competitive advantage over others. It also lowers your business soft cost.


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