Leveling the Paying Field: Rick Gillis

Posted by Gurmeet Judge on May 16, 2022 7:14:37 AM

The pandemic has completely shifted the circumstances in which organizations operate. Your organization’s capability to innovate is, therefore, particularly important during this time, not only to ensure its short-term survival, but also its long-term positioning. In the era of remote (home) work, business leaders are faced with finding balance in building innovative culture and keeping track of productivity and performance.

“Leveling the Paying Field offers every person who works a simple-to-implement method to earn the best pay for your best work” – Rick Gillis

In this episode, I interviewed Rick Gillis, an author of “Leveling the Paying Field”. Rick shared details on the QTNT® (pronounced: quotient) Personal Value Calculation process to help workers and their employers identify and assign value to individual performance and accomplishment in a manner never seen before now.

We had a discussion on building teams, recruiting process, and measuring productivity and team performance. Rick also shared insights on talent acquisition, development, and attainment in various department.


.Here are some of the topics discussed in this video:

  • Impact of QTNT system on organization and staff
  • Current state of measuring performance and promotions
  • Building growth and innovative culture
  • Organization performance and Scaling
  • .... many more...

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