Recovery Plans : IT Professionals Can Help During and Post COVID

Posted by Gurmeet Judge on Nov 9, 2020 4:00:24 AM
As governments slowly begin to open the doors to the economy and loosen restrictions, business leaders are faced with overwhelming, complex challenges to grow their top line (revenue). To overcome financial and operational challenges of coronavirus, we all have required to do a lot more for this recovery.


Most business leaders agreed that technology will be critical part of their business growth plans during recovery. IT staff not only understand your technology but also understand your business processSo how can IT professionals contribute more during recovery? What should business leaders expect from IT departments and/or IT professionals?


In this video, I will share 3 top critical steps to align technology for business growth after COVID 19.


If you are business leader, these 3 steps will help you adjust your expectations from IT department for business recovery. If you are an IT professional, post COVID you need to adapt new challenges in order to assist your employer and help to move business forward, this will provide key areas to pay attention/plans.


Manage Business Risks: As businesses have been operating with decentralized workforce with staff working from homes, business risks have increased in various operational areas. IT departments have to not only manage technical risks but translate technical risks into business risks and managed all risks.. If you are business owner expect your IT department or staff to manage all technology related business risks and if you are IT staff, managing business risks are critical then ever before COVID. This also includes HR risks, if you are the only IT staff then find a way to partner with IT firm, where someone else can move business forward if you are not available.

Translate Technical data into business numbers: During crisis business leaders are faced with many critical and time sensitive decision. It not easy tasks for any leader to make quick and precise decision without detailed information. As IT professional, you are required to translate all technical information into business value and number for leader to simplify their decision process. This will avoid time consuming tasks to make decisions and move forward.

Opportunities for Revenue Growth: As an IT professional, not only you understand operational challenges/infrastructure but also business process and requirements. During recovery process, business leaders need insights to automate internal processes and explore options for business growth. Your insights to both of these objectives is critical for business growth. Business leaders required opportunities while building their business strategy and planning for revenue growth.

Eliminate Business Soft Cost : IT departments should always be working on processes to reduce and control business soft cost. However, this has become more critical than ever to control business soft cost. Whether it’s staff training, business interruption, procurement process etc, IT professionals must measure soft cost and build plans and strategies to reduce and control cost consistently over the time. As businesses are struggling for revenue growth, this process will provide efficiencies and competitive advantage for rapid growth.


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